For individuals who don’t know, a gravity bong is a form of drinking water bong that uses the force of gravitational forces to get smoke into the weed filters chamber. They are often created from a number of components, but the most common are produced from plastic containers or buckets.

Gravitational forces bongs are frequently utilized by cigarette smokers that want to have a fast and extreme high. The key benefits of by using a gravity bong are available a great deal of smoke in a hit, and it’s also much easier on the lung area than cigarette smoking coming from a standard bong.

The downside of gravity bongs is they can be difficult to produce, and when you’re not mindful, you are able to get a horrible situation of your greenies (aka cannabis paranoia). But if you comply with our instructions under, you will be able to produce a gravity bong without the troubles!

Components You’ll Will need

To produce a gravity bong, you’ll require:

A plastic material container or bucket

A container or bit for the bong

A drill

A nail or pen

Aluminium foil

A lighter in weight


Drill an opening from the jar or pail close to the bottom part. The hole must be big enough to put the bowl or piece for your bong.

Protect the golf hole with lightweight aluminum foil and poke openings inside it with a nail or pencil. Be sure that the pockets are sufficient permit air by way of but small enough to ensure that herbal treatments won’t fall via.

Place the bowl or bit for the bong throughout the pit inside the aluminum foil.

Complete the container or container with water until it’s about halfway whole. The liquid must be high enough to ensure when you position the container under normal water, it’s completely submerged.

Place the mouth over the top of the the jar or container and lightweight the pan. While you suck in, little by little lift the jar or bucket out from the drinking water. This will cause the light up to get attracted into the holding chamber. After the chamber is complete, eliminate the dish and suck in!

Thanks for studying!