Are you aware more about the saga? If You are a great supporter of manga subsequently, you need to be aware of the film termed one piece saga. Let’s dig up more about the saga.

Onepiece film has its own Limelight around the antagonist named saga. Maya’s fiancé as well as Zoro is his babyhood close friends. Saga is controlled by a customized sword termed shichiseiken. He’s an honorable, matey, and desirous young man. He’s the head of oceanic dojo and also known as a maritime swordsman.

What Is it?

He’s a tall man having handsome Skin with drawn-out hair. He tied his own hair . In addition, he wore a red gown and a white arm band on the interface arm. Red sneakers create his own personality unique. He is paralyzed from the ideal arm because of the sea accident.

Details About exactly the same:
Saga was revealed really honorable, Commendable, along with a ambitious man before he is abridged by shichiseiken’s powers. He fights for his pals. He believes sad some times because of his paralyzed arm Maya helps him in uplifting. When he had been commanded from the shichiseiken, he turned into power driven and distanced out of his friends. He becomes arrogant and demonstrates his harshness into the man or woman who stands contrary to his or her He fantasized more concerning the shadow of the world.
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